About Me

Hey.  My name’s Mike.  I live in Troy, New York.

If I had my choice of death, I would stumble into a Lovecraftian nightmare, and almost make it out.

img_20161016_232640I was born in an October that passed thirty-some years ago, and since that time I’ve looked like some variation of the fellow you see in black and white here.  I grew up in Idaho, Alaska, Colorado, and New Mexico.  In school I studied biology and girls, simultaneously when I was lucky.  Now I work in a laboratory, studying neither.  I’ve always been a student of adventure, however.  Some people think you can see it in my work.

This website is a hub for my creative works.  Rather than give each thing its own site and promotion, which in my case would require a prohibitive amount of labor, I have instead created The Octopode to be a centralized loccontem3ation where you can find all my writing and music projects, and a blog where I post updates, ideas, and freewrites.  I write about a lot of things, including psychology, philosophy, biology, horror, movies, writing, an old log cabin I’m restoring, and even things like jelly donuts, which are terrible and should be outlawed.

It’s my hope that you’ll bookmark this page and return, or better yet, sign up to receive my blog in your email.  Comments are welcome, and questions.