Outnumber the Living

“Crap, these guys are really good.”

-Dude in an Arsis shirt, at an OtL show


Status:  Active

Vocals – Greg Rossettini
Guitar – Michael Lejeune
Guitar – Kevin Morrison
Bass – Alan Thompson
Drums – Michael Schmidt

Since sometime in 2014, I’ve been working with this group building techy, melodic heavy stuff intended to pound your ears.  Mike and I decided to put this act together after investing a couple years laboring in a basement to create the first Enantiodrome record.  We were hoping to scratch the itch for live performance that had been ignored during that time.

Kevin was a lucky find, and Greg came some time afterward.  Greg had worked with us on Son of Mourning, years before.  And through Greg, Logan, an already accomplished guitarist, found the group and took up bass.  A fine cluster of all-around good chaps.

The focus of the group has remained on live performance, and to that end we’ve played a plethora of shows in the local-ish area, and continue to compose original music.  Soon the group will have enough to record a full length album, and plans for this production are in the works.


You can follow Outnumber the Living’s facebook here:


If you live in the Capital Region (and even if you don’t) you should come to a show and check out the live energy the group brings, as well as our stagemates for the evening.  Support local music, buy a shirt!

You can check out pics and watch video here:  https://www.reverbnation.com/outnumbertheliving

If you like Outnumber the Living, consider giving a listen to Son of Mourning, which features three of the same bandmembers and is much the same style of music.  Free music, downloads, and merch are available!

One OtL song has been recorded in a studio, titled:  What Happens to the Ghosts When the Sun Goes Supernova?  That song and others recorded live are available at the Reverbation page, or you can listen here:



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