Writing Menu

Behold!  Transcripts from cerebral crypts.

Right now, there are four things for you to check out:



The Visitor – a short story of mine, published here at The Octopode for your enjoyment.  At around 1800 words, it’s shorter than some of my blog entries, so why not give it a gander?


Shame The Devil - Front Cover

Shame the Devil – this is a horror novel. You can read the back-cover copy and find links to purchase the book here.  If you live in the Albany, NY area, you can purchase a paperback copy directly from me for a lower price than a new/used copy from Amazon.  I’ll even sign it if you like, though I might draw a lewd picture in there too.  E-book and audiobook are available.


Brother of Death


Short Fiction – this is a listing of short fiction published by third parties around the world. There are a couple links for acquiring the stories, but they are mostly unavailable at this time.  A printed collection of shorts is in the works…




Misfortune 500 – to satisfy your burning need for short horror, I’ve written a number of stories that are all exactly 500 words long and posted them here for you to read. Each of them is inspired by a random picture.  Reading one of them takes only a few minutes, so why not check one out?  Not sure where to start?  How about one that takes place in the dentist’s examination chair?

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