Shame the Devil

Shame The Devil - Front Cover

Wyatt Brody is the law in a lonely town, and something unwelcome has just joined him there. Something that’s after the town’s children. Something that hides behind the faces of the people he knows and protects. Friends become dangerous. Enemies become lethal.

He finds help in Claire Hensley, whose talent lets her read a face the way he reads a crime scene. But their suspect has an insatiable appetite and an intellect to match. And it knows the best place to hide: in plain sight.


“…a highly detailed, horrific and brutal gore fest.”

-Judge, Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards


“…unnerving horror intercut with a dry, almost sickly humour.”

-Nathan Robinson, Snakebite Horror


“The death isn’t just death; it’s frequent, soul-wrenching, mutilating, disturbing death.”

-Ri, Goodreads


You can order an e-book of Shame the Devil for your Kindle, or get a paperback sent right to your door.


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