Short Fiction

Once upon a time I was able to provide this list with many links to actual copy.  Alas, horror/short fiction magazines are ephemeral things.  In fact several works not listed here were accepted for publication in magazines that went under before the issue containing my work could be printed at all.

One such tale is Wolfelina, a grim lovestory in which the protagonist has to contend with the terrifying alter-ego of his sweetheart’s daughter’s doll.  This one was accepted to a publication called The Monster Next Door, whose editor and I worked long on gearing the story more toward the magazine’s style, only to have it crash and burn before my words saw print.

Another story that failed to make its debut is King’s Catch, my first real horror story.  It’s about a hideous fish that grants wishes, and the loser who lands it.  Death Rattle magazine accepted the work for their very first issue, and even created custom art for it to go on the cover, only to go belly-up before the issue was finished.

Below is a listing of works published by parties other than myself, and their respective publishers.  Two remain available, though one is a poem and the other requires purchase of a printed magazine.  I am currently working on a short fiction collection, which will contain all these works and will be available from Amazon as either eBook or in print.

Thirsty for short fiction, though?  Head over to Misfortune 500, where I’ve composed short horror stories to go with random pictures I’ve taken or been sent, each story exactly 500 words.


Brother of Death.  Published 2012, Morpheus Tales, #18.  Morpheus Tales website.  Order a copy of issue #18 here.

Brother of Death was published by Morpheus Tales again in their horror anthology “The Best of Weird Fiction Volume 6” in October 2016.  You can get a hard copy here, or an ebook here.


    • The Keeper of Snow’s End.  Published 2011, Aphelion.
    • Read It To Me.  Published 2011, 69 Flavors of Paranoia, Menu #11.
    • Three Days with Harold.  Published 2011, Horror Bound, issue 16.
    • All His Friends.  Published 2011, Death Head Grin.


The Photograph of Dorian Bond.  Published 2010, Strange, Weird and Wonderful.



    • Better Not Born.  Published 2009, ShriekFreak Quarterly.
    • Sunlight of Evening.  Published 2009, Static Movement, 9/2009 issue.


Queen Kathleen (poem).  Published 2009, Battered Suitcase, vol. 2, issue 4.



    • A Dream of Day-Sky Eyes.  Published 2009, Microhorror.


See No Evil.  Published 2009, Black Petals, issue 47.



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